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I am the seventh child born and raised amongst the colorful backdrops and even more colorful characters that comprise my hometown, Washington D.C.  I began my photography career at age 9 with a point-and-shoot camera documenting the happenings in my community. Friends and family would ask me to "take pictures" for anything and everything from family reunions to hanging out on the front porch. After studying film/television production and photography at St. John’s University in New York City, I moved to Los Angeles, CA, where I established myself as an accomplished Artivist (an artist and an activist). In 2006, Evolution Revolution was introduced to the world, better known as EvoRevo. EvoRevo is the result of my shared passion for art and activism, connecting with various artistic and political movements throughout the visual and oral arts, music, and Film/TV worlds, through benefits such as Boobs in Bars for breast cancer research funding, the theatrical production Hurricane Katrina Revisited to acknowledge victims of the devastating New Orleans storm, and Uganda Interpreted to raise awareness of the children affected by the 26-year North Ugandan civil war. I have over 15 years of experience exhibiting photographs and other works with organizations such as the LA Louver Gallery, The House of Blues on Sunset, the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, RAWartists, and the Lucy Florence Cultural Center. I worked with NV Magazine, Right On! Magazine, and 944, and have been commissioned for books such as One Drop and online movements such as Pretty. Period.  In 2016, I earned a Masters of Fine Art from the esteemed Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles. In late 2017, I began travelling internationally, making selected points on the map my home-base for varying periods of time. Photography is much more than my profession, it's what has brought me joy and maturity throughout my life. When you hire me, you get technical and artistic prowess.

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